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Longboard/Skateboard setups!

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I'm interested in seeing your quiver and what you're riding. 

Favorite setup so far?

I ride an Earthwing Mini Glider w/ Indy 169s, bones reds, earthwing crewzer 62mm 81a. My bushings boardside are Venom SHR DH barrels, and bones hardcore medium street side. 

Super carvy and a great sprinter/cruiser! Definitely recommend for a small board and a mix between rides like a longboard, but with the maneuverability of a skateboard.

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7.75 Golden Eagle Skateboard

52mm Bones Wheels

Venture trucks

Rush bombers bearings

Random hardware from old skateboards


Happy Go Skateboarding Day!

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I just spent the Day in philly at Pines Park for go skateboard day! such an awesome time. here is my set up




Reds Barrings (Housing Shells popped off)

Spitfire (Park Burners)

Venture (8.5 Trucks)

Tyme Skate Co 8.5 Deck (local Delaware company)

MoB Grip

Lucky Hardware

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I prefer to use HyperOutdoor Skateboard which is best in style and material. You should also try it if you are a skateboard lover. I bought this product at very economical rates and found it in excellent condition. I recommend you to give one chance!

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