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B SiK: "H1ghlights" 2

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Continuing with the H1ghlights theme, I recently picked up an El Gato and decided that I would like to release another highlight video using all footage recorded using Xbox DVR that I didn't have plans for -- more so to rid my drive of all 30FPS footage. Here's the end result of a 3 hour edit. Despite all of this being captured at 30FPS, I've upscaled to 60 so feel free to view in Chrome for best results. Enjoy!


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I like the teleport transition 


Thanks for checkin' out these highlights, bud. I appreciate you taking the time to watch let alone comment.


B SiK is god


I can't wait to see some 60fps shit man <3


Can't wait to release my first MCC montage. Glad you're doing well nowadays, pimp. Different boards, same ol' dude. Thanks for scopin', Mike. <3


Love the video - best music I've heard on one too by the way! 


Right on, man! Thanks for the comment. There's only 1 real goal when choosing music: trying to make sure it hasn't been used. Everything else is simply opinion. I'm glad you enjoyed the track (you probably haven't heard it in a while now!).

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