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Do You Veto For Game or Gametype?

Do You Veto Fo Game or Gametype?  

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  1. 1. Do You Veto For Game or Gametype?

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It depends. If I'm by myself, I just play CE, so that doesn't matter, but if I'm with a friend who prefers BR gameplay, that is what gets picked if there is an option. Otherwise I force the vote towards CE because I don't like starting without a precision weapon. I almost put my controller down when it comes to AR/SMG games. I'll just die constantly, grab crap weapons to dick around with, or if the other team is controlling the precisions weapons on the map and I can't move 5 ft. I'll actually quit because I see no reason to stay. We aren't going to win, so let the other team win faster so everyone can get on to a better game.

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I veto anything AR/SMG starts. I would rather play a game of Halo 4 where I can start with a DMR than a Halo 2 SMG-start mash up of fuckery on Warlock.

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I would rather play H2 SMG's than H3 BR's. They basically are both spray and pray.

Really? SMG over BR? Halo 3 isn't that bad... Just saying hahaha

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My MM history in the TS playlist differs from the results of this poll. I played Beaver Creek SMGs over Guardian and High Ground BRs last night, it was wild. Spawn Blue Base, and lose everything cause you cant kill any of the guys who push the initial PWs from Red side.

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I always vote Halo 1. If Halo 1 is not available, I will vote Halo 2 BR starts. If that isn't available I will vote Halo 3 BR starts. If that isn't available, I vote for stabbing myself in the dick. If that isn't available, Halo 2 SMG or Halo 3 AR depending on map. If Halo 4 gets picked I quit. If SMG or AR starts on a shitty map, I quit.

And I thought I had it rough....





First world problems, third world solutions.

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I stopped playing Ranked Team Slayer because of all the AR/SMG starts if it was all BR starts i would play it all day having H1-H3 all in one Ranked playlist could be amazing


I have been playing Ranked H2A and Ranked HCS 90% if the time

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