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Players in New York

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Queens, Ny


Just getting back into the groove. Haven't played since the start of halo 3. I am very happy to be back and excited for the future.


gamertag : babyangizsick

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DEATHZ0N3 (0 and 3 are numbers), Long Island, New York. As soon as the semester is over I would be interested in a LAN! I have 2-3 monitors.

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Hey what's up guys. I live in Columbia MO now :lxthul:  But I am originally from Buffalo NY. I would like to have some people to lan with when I come there in the next few months. Anyone down? Add me on xbox live and we can set something up. GT H2 MaG1K B)

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I'm in Upstate New York (Ithaca and Syracuse). If there are any Local LANs going on or just add me to play some match making and customs.



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Best Halo Player in Jersey City, NJ.


10 mins from Manhattan.


gamertag - F4LL3N SH4DOWZ


Come check me out. Looking for a team to compete and win some $$$. Have a mic, and i communicate well in game.

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Hey, everyone!


After taking a break in July, we're back on August 7th with more Halo 5: Guardians action in Microsoft stores across the country! Peep the locales below:

Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Santa Clara, CA
Los Angeles, CA Century City
Houston, TX
Minneapolis, MN
Austin, TX
Columbus, OH
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
White Plains, NY


The action will be on all day! If you're interested, grab your friends, let us know, join us for good times at your local Microsoft store, and be sure to follow @PBLHalo on twitter for info on streams, scrims, and more!




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