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Hello from the Worlds Oldest Halo Player!

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Hey guys, long time lurker. Never joined because you know, who needs ANOTHER forum to remember passwords to, but just couldn't resist any longer.


I won't tell you how old I am (because I don't want to think about it), but I will say this... I was old enough to be married with a 2 year old kid and a mortgage when Halo: CE launched.


My Halo history goes like this, played CE campaign a TON, little to no MP, played Halo 2 MP a fair amount, was decent, played H3 about the same, same results. Played the Reach Beta, and never played Reach MP again, didn't even buy Halo 4. So basically took a 5 year break from online Halo until I bought my kids an Xbone for Christmas, still rusty as a Civil War nail in the swamp, but I've been loving the game when it works, tons of fun playing with my son that's now 15!



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I play with a 64 year old every other week. You would be surprised just how old the Halo community is my friend.


Glad you finally made an account though this is a great community.

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I bet that I'm older than you. Can you beat 59?


Hey! We need 2 more senior players to make a team. We can call it the Grizzled Grey team :).


Welcome young men.


Edit: grammar

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Thanks guys! No, I can't beat 59, but I'm almost old enough for the 40+ teams! Glad to hear there are some "mature" guys still playing.

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