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Want to start or join a serious MCC team!

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Wanting to start or join a team that has the desire to grow together as an unit, while preparing for Halo 5. I can stream, and plan on having a scrim/PGL schedule so we can optimize our playing time to improve as much as possible. Please be ready to do custom practice to prepre starts, and watch theater to improve! I understand MCC is still important, but I want a group of people who understand the importance of the future. The main goal will be scrimming, doing PGLs, and participating in community cups. Once we have spent sometime together we can actively search for an organization to play under. I would prefer 18+, and east coast players. If you are interested please add me on skype (mlgtremble), DM me on twitter (@Tranqui1ity70), or message me on XBL (FoF Mirakuru). Just a FYI we will be using skype to communicate during scrims/PGLs, etc.

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XBL: GottaSplit
Twitter: InCSplit

Even if we don't team I am a Lead Designer for a Org that is looking to pick up a Halo team.

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