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New Counter Strike Sub Forum!! Vote Now!

Counter Strike Sub Forum!  

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  1. 1. Should Counter Strike get its own sub forum?

    • Yes
    • No

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Lets be honest here!


CS:GO and the very name itself Counter Strike are huge in the gaming world. With over 15 years of international hardcore competitive play Counter Strike is one one of the biggest and old names in competitive gaming.



I see that a lot of forum members here are starting to buy PCs and get into Counter Strike and they are following the scene. It would be great to get a new sub forum dedicated to CS so we can get the latest news, party up, and get some frags!


The staff said if there is enough demand they will put it in! So lets show our support!! Vote now!!










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It would be easier to inform people cause you can make separate event threads and stuff


I'm for it


Frag vids section needs to be a thing 2

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RIP competitive Destiny


Well all know what that game truly was.  :wutface:



How's that?


Fuckin ossim! Thank you!  :flames:  :flames:  :prayers:

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it doesn't have futuristic super awesome armor like Halo....




so ... NO


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