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Abandoned: The Game (KickStarter Launched)

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Heya guys a little shameless self promotion here but I just released the KickStarter for my game "Abandoned".
The game is a story-based First Person Survival RPG Hybrid, if you like those type of games then it'd help to
check it out! 

KickStarter - www.kck.st/1FP0zU2 

After playing & editing videos for Halo I always wanted to make my own game so after I edited my montage for
the H3F Competition "Sketch 2" I decided I wanted to try new things. I really like the Beyond community so I 
think it might be a perfect fit putting it on here and if you go through alot of my old content you'll mostly
find Halo PC to H3 videos xD.

Gameplay Update VLOG:

Here's the game's trailer "Sinner":

Also here is a Music Development VLOG:

Discuss nd such.

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