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To3 Need 1 for Event AFTER ATL, rest of S2 and Beyond

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The team consist of myself Rolle Gold, I am Versatile, and Bickel Nades. We are planning to attend whatever event that gets announced after ATL, play online cups, and attend events for season 3.


before u read any further let's talk about schedule:


Everyone on the team is pretty flexible with schedule. we can get good quality practicing everyday except tuesdays and thursdays. we don't need to practice everyday but most people on the team are usually on everyday. we usually game after 5 pm eastern till whenever we get tired; we get off earlier if we have work and we are on longer if it is our days off. we are looking for someone who will be available for the sunday online cups.  We are looking for someone who understands its not about how long we practice (quantity) but the quality of practice. we are looking to be productive and not waste time.


make sure u can do online cups and can attend LAN events


Our team has great chemistry, we all get along and we all share the same goal and plans for Halo. We want longevity. we want to have team that will stick together and grow. we want a team that consist of teammates that will push each other to become better halo players for themselves and for the team (obviously in a positive manner and with constructive criticism). We don't kids that rage. We want someone that is mature, calm, cool and collective both online and at LAN events. We don't want a teammate that has an ego, is hard headed and believes he does everything right. We are looking for someone who is open minded and believe there is always room for improvement. We desire a player who has a good, positive, selfless attitude (we don't want a negative teammate), a teammate with consistent and efficient communication (most importantly small talk and correct/proper coordination), we are looking for a halo player who has a polished mental game (disciplined in staying alive, trusting/utilizing teammates not overextending as an individual, knows how to work in pairs, overloading/flooding, and isolation situations, a player who makes consistent good decisions depending on the situation, knows how to time weapons and utilize them effectively when in use, knows how to position and rotate themselves depending on the situation, knowing what power positions to control at the right time, being knowledgeable with the spawns—knowing how to control them/block them to your advantage for your team and against the other, a player who listens well and knows how to filter what call out to listen/what's being stressed—doesn’t tunnel vision, a well rounded player who knows how to fill any role, a player who can adapt in game to situations, a player who can execute what we talk about out of game or small talk and coordinate in game, a player who is patient and knows how to play in setups/passive/slow the game down, a player who knows how to roam and play aggressive, and player who understands spacing. as a team we watch film consistent to see where we can improve in situations, execution, and as individuals. We as a team see every loss as an opportunity to learn, improve and grow as individuals and as a team. We want someone who is dedicated and committed. we aren't afraid to commit to anyone who is dedicated, willing to put in the work and improves, we are just afraid of getting our time wasted. Most importantly we are also looking for someone we can connect and vibe with and have fun playing halo with. We feel that extra chemistry definitely grows with the team from out to in game. Our goal is to consistently place top 8 and grow as a team; we expect to place better and better each tourney and see growth. we are aiming to be the best. Don't hit us up if you are going to waste our time.



When are not looking for the perfect teammate. we are not looking for a big name who did this in the past but yet doesn't put in the work now and isn't very good and is blinded by their ego. we are not looking for someone who lans everyday or attend x number amount of events. we are pretty flexible and are willing to work with anybody who has talent, positive attitude and is willing to work on their flaws and weakness and improve.  We want someone who "wants it more" the next guy; someone who is going to put in work to be the best they can be for themselves and the team.


This Halo community is fucked. Players believe respect and their credibility as good players is determined through external factors such as people they have played with or against, what events they attended, how much points they got, how about how back in halo 3 they did this, rather than letting their present gameplay and performances, and as well as their present work habits and diligence do the talking for them. we are going to look at how situations were executed, what decisions u made, not how positive u went. We are not going to judge u all by stats. stats don't lie but they don't tell the full story; that's why we engage in film and figured out what really happened in an objective view. we are going judge a player in the fairest way possible. if you don't vibe with us we are not going to force something that's not going to work—we know what we are looking for and we are looking to not waste anybodies time.


if you are interested in running games Reply back here or hit up Rolle Gold on XBL or on twitter @RolleGold

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These guys are good and deserve a great, dedicated team mate. I ran games with them last night and wasn't up to par with what they were looking for. I can vouch for them though and say that with the right 4th, they have a chance to do big things. Thanks for giving me the opportunity guys. Only reply to Rolle if you feel you can seriously be a top 8 player, because with a good fit, they are well on their way there.

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