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Beyond, How Did You Get Your Avatar/Picture?

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-googled Mila Kunis


-holy shit 10/10


-used as pic on Beyond


ps we all know you want to be me Spartan, copying my theme by having your picture as somebody sipping a drink as well...  :kappa:

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I've been playing hockey and a fan of the Red Wings since before I can even remember. This is my avatar on pretty much every site I use. 

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Tsunayoshi Sawada from the Anime 'Reborn!'


Art style is pretty dope and can't argue with those  :flames:  :flames:

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Beyond didn't have any other default pictures to use, and I'm too lazy to find one myself.

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Made it myself and I think my prediction is correct. Jack Bauer is Master Chief.


With that in mind...Could he...?


No. No that's just  :beyond: crazy...

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