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To2 looking for F/A's or to2

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looking for a solid team thats top 16 potential ONLY. I know for a fact my teammate and I are top 16. I hate to sound cocky, but the more I play the more its starting You should already know what it takes to get top 16 if you are even thinking about running. Must be able to travel and we will grind PGL's then look for a sponsor, teammate and I are on about 8-12 hours a day,  everyday. You don't have to be on that much but at least 5-6 hours a day to grind. Please try not to waste our time and we will not be shady, we will say it straight up whats wrong or say what you did right.

Twitter: @@MrRandomIdeas, @Polyick

GT's: Mr Random Ideas, Polyick

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Gt: F0urtify. Lets run some games to see of we have chemistry on most week days 4-10 eastern time. Al day on weekends

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Add us bro we are a team of two from Illinois. Very serious about season 2. We won't waste your time. Online during the week after 6pm and available all weekend. Message me on here or xbox live if you need more info.



dank teTuViciouz

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