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To2 looking for 2 for season 2 Atlanta (Battlesnipe)

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Going to Atlanta for sure. My GT is Battlesnipe and my teammates GT is HM Kruger. If you want to look at some gameplay my YouTube is youtube.com/battlesnipe. We are looking for elite/experience players willing to practice almost everyday around 10pm to 3am est. Some days will be earlier. Willing to take the time to look at game videos and practice strategies.


Other ways of contact can be through Xbox live or Twitter. @Battlesnipe or @theMLGKruger. GT's are noted above

Looking to place top 8 at events

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]Add us bro we are a team of two from Illinois. Very serious about season 2. We won't waste your time. Online during the week after 6pm and available all weekend. Message me on here or xbox live if you need more info.


dank teTuViciouz

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