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Who Do You Have Winning?  

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  1. 1. Who Do You Have Winning?

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i swear this community wants to see halo fail....you guys seem to get off on it...

Truth be told though, it's the polar opposite. Most people who are still here are ridiculously passionate about Halo and have unconditional love for it. I dunno about you though, but I don't let people fuck with stuff I love. Gotta tell it like it is.


If no one points out how stupid the current situation we're in is, then people (including 343) will start thinking it's acceptable. Are you sure you want them to think another MCC situation is acceptable?

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Goldenboy- Are we going to see shades of the first series?


Bravo- Is this series going to be just like the last one?


Do you not see the problem?

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I hope I win the Xbox.

Then it turns out they need to DM you on Twit....wait.

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Fun fact when I was casting the MLG Dallas 2012 Halo 4 launch tournament Puckett told me to change up my casting style to provide more color commentary and let @@Bravo handle the play-by-play because we were sounding too similar maybe @@GoldenboyFTW could talk to Puckett after this tournament to pick up some tips. 

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