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Dispatch 2015.

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Hello, it's me again ^^ you are today i come Dispatch 2015 !







Download in my Fileshare ; FaZe PuniShR.

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Let me be blunt here: Who on Earth would anyone want to play dispatch in Halo 2 anniversary? Relay was a trash 343 map, and cleaning up the forging (as SaLoT did with dispatch) does not make the map magically good. Not only is the map a joke, but remaking it is an insult to your own creativity. With that said, I guess you're still free to do so.


Everyone who negged you feels the same way.


But sure, I will still leave some feedback: Your forging is very nice, but my current thought is that you need to remove the color on many of your pieces (for example, check yellow side). I highly recommend removing the color on the floor pieces because you only need to see certain standalone objects that show the color for you to be able to tell. Coloring every object will make the map look messy.


And yeah, good remake. This is one of the worst maps that could ever be remade. I'm glad SaLoT didn't clean up The Cage / Uncaged.


PS: For someone to gain access to your file share, you'll have to give us the path to your name in the campaign leaderboards. That also requires us to add you as a favorite to make searching easier instead of finding your rank.

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I get that the guy made a bad map but he's not insulting anybody. Why neg him?  :flames:

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