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OK, here's my deal:

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3 was technically my first Halo, but I didn't play it much. I played Reach a decent amount, but I was never very good. I've been watching competitive Halo ever since I played 3 though, and so when Halo 4 rolled around I wanted to be a part of the competitive scene.


Needless to say, that hasn't panned out and I'm really not very good.


So, at least at the moment, going to events isn't something I want to do. Unless it's maybe one of the Knox tournaments and I have some extra money laying around.


What I DO want to do is maybe get together a makeshift team of people around my skill level (or above, if you don't mind carrying/being anchored) to run Throwdown and customs and such.


And really just people to play with. I only have one friend who plays, and it's not very often.


The only reason I'm making this topic is because I watched Gandhi's video earlier about getting better, and it made me want to correct some things about my playstyle. So I boot up the game, head into Throwdown, first game I get...Dispatch flag, cool, good map to work on my small talk and positioning.


I start out the game well, as I grab my team's snipe (because no one else rushed for it) and quickly get three down. Someone is going for their flag, and I help escort for the first cap. It was about this time I noticed no one else had a mic...and it quickly degenerated into two of my teammates leaving and me rage quitting because of how well I was playing to begin with and how it turned out.


So yes. I want to get better, and I want to play a lot.




TL,DR: Post/Add me and tell me you're from Beyond, I want people to run TD with and people to help me get better.

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Thanks to everyone for replying. Sorry I haven't been on to add you or play the past week, but starting Monday I will be playing more.


Thanks again.

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Add me LOG1C x


Im looking to make an online scrim team/maybe go to a few events.


Regardless im always down to play TTD and get better.

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After a quick look at your CSR and Halo 4 stats it looks like we're around the same level. I'm not looking for a team per se, but it would be fun to run matchmaking or customs with you. I sent you a request (GT: How Is Your Day).


If I'm not playing Halo 4 it's because I'm sick of playing alone because I run into the same problems you ran into constantly. I got a taste of what it's like to run matchmaking with a full party and now I can't return. Even if I'm playing another game I'll usually hop back on Halo 4 to play with a party, even if it is only one other person.

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Cool. Some ppl in here added me. Lets actually join up and get these things going. Im not playing this weekend until sunday but I will be on everyday after that.


I, personally, want to start/join a team. Just an online scrim/TTD/GB/PGl/AGL wired team. Im pretty confident now I could make a team better.

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