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MCC halo 1 fix list

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1. Fix anti aiming. Currently your reticle gets pushed off a guy when they are one shot. Other times it gets shoved off for no reason.


2. Chillout: Fix the chilly port that takes you into main room/broken bridge. This needs to be the same as the OG version.


3. Priz: Sniper placement needs to be the same as the OG version


4. battle creek-red base needs the same version as the OG version (windows)


5. Geting hurt by nades once you have already ported. Same with getting shot when you go through a port or around corners. 


6. Give us the option to turn rockets on for Derelict.

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The shotgun makes 0 sense. I can 3-shot somebody at point blank and hit nothing but air, but get 1-shotted by a dude from 9 miles away. I've heard multiple people including Walshy complain about this so I know it's not just me.


Also, getting assassinated from the front/getting 1-hit beatdown with full OS. Not really sure which it is, but it has definitely happened to me on a few occassions where I drop to 1 melee even though I have full OS. Don't really get this one either.

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