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The Good Beer Thread

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hello stranger



im a bruery reserve member. i am very familiar


Nice, I am also a reserve member. First year in.

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Grabbed these real quick today while working in Framingham. Unfortunately they were out of my favorite framinghammer variant, cocoa-nut. they had a couple other variants, but i had some samples while there. The Mole was solid, but didn't love the brandy one.

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Man I hit the jackpot this weekend.  Scored two 17oz Growlers of Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout.  It is unheard of to get this down in Georgia, but a new spot opened up and happened to get some on tap. 




Drinking it as I type this. 


Cheers fellas.


:fire: :dank: :simms:

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Stumbled onto a 4pack of KBS somehow, I'd pretty much given up on finding any. 


I've heard the word 'overhype' thrown around a lot, but I'm just excited to finally give it a try.

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Update on KBS: Underwhelming


I just get this feeling of 'that's it?'. Doesn't pack nearly the punch I had hoped. Smells great, sure. Tastes pretty good, sure. But the bourbon influence is minimal if not completely absent. Not nearly the imposing force I had hoped for by references. 


On the bright side, the store was selling these as singles, so I grabbed a 6pack holder from the mix-6 section. Grabbed 4 of these and two other random beers, and they charged me the mix-6 price of $10.99. So at least I didn't waste my money on these.

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I want a taste of this so badly. Especially with that Alcohol Percentage.

no you dont lol, its not good. its not really beer, and its not even 65% alcohol. its just bullshit theoretical ABV, overpriced crap imo

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2016 Saison-Brett came out, so I had one last night, and tonight opened a 2013.


She's done great with 3 years. A little more dry, much more fruit/esthers, less booze, less hops, I made a good decision to hold on to a few each of the last few years. I've practically got a full case from 2013-now.

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Paradisornis - Barrel Aged Saison w Kiwi and Clementines

Cherry Chocolate Voodoo Daddy

Shambolic - "Dry Hopped Spelt Saison. Well hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe. Bright and dank... Herbaceous pineapple juice."

Toad The Brett Rocket- Hoppy Brett Saison

Saison Baltika Reserva - Dark Saison

Hill Farmstead Clara - Grisette

Permasmile - White Wine Fermented wild ale aged on Apricots

Au Ra - All brett, barrel-fermented golden wild ale with mummified oranges and Egyptian salt.

Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point <3

Tired Hands D2H3 - Double Dry hopped galaxy pale ale

Crucial Taunt - Tropical DIPA

Focal Banger - An American IPA, hopped judiciously with Citra and Mosaic.

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