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Astro A40 help

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So I got my first pair of Astros for Christmas a few days ago, and I'm 90% sure they are dysfunctional.


I got the A40 + Mixamp M80 package.  I messed up and updated my controller with the headset plugged in instead of doing it before, like the instructions said, but I updated it without the headset plugged in right after.  I thought this was the problem at first, but it seems the headset doesn't work with anything.  It only outputs half of the sounds - sort of like its on stereo with only 1 ear working, except the sound works for both sides.  ex//  When playing a song on my phone, I can hear about half of the instruments and no singing, but both sides output sound.  This happens no matter what device I use them with; my xbox, laptop, and phone.


I was hoping there might be an Astro guru on here to help me out before I just return the thing this week.  Sorry for the weak explanation, but I don't know exactly how to describe it.


Also, if there is a better headset/package, please let me know!  Thanks!

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I am no guru, but:

1. Have you tried using the headphones directly connected to your phone? Like no mixamp involved. How does it sound that way?

2. Have you updated the firmware on your mixamp?

3. How do you have the system set up?

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