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Harm's Way!

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So my brother (@AoMUnknownV2) has made Harm's Way dating back all the way to Halo 3! So he decided to bring it back in MCC! Here's the Trailer, and more to come!





  • 2 - 16 Players


  • Pistol Start
  • Invincible; Can only die by splatter
  • Stay in vehicle: If you fall out of your vehicle you have 10 seconds to get back in otherwise the death barrier will kill you.
  • Hijacking Disabled!
  • Instant Respawn




  • Control the Hill
  • Watch out for Kill Balls


  • You start off on a platform with a Golden Hog. Your objective is to control the hill. The hill time can be shared among others so try to push them off the map, or into the Pit of Death at the center of the ring. As you're are driving watch out the the kills balls! If you fall of the map don't worry! There are teleporters at the bottom of the map that will teleport you at the top of the ring and use you as a projectile, and if you die you don't have to wait to respawn because it is instant!


This minigame was made to make you laugh so have fun!

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