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Free Agent looking to start a team.

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Hey everyone my plan here is to start from the ground up.


I'm looking to start a team for two main reasons. Love the halo series and two I love having fun playing halo competitively.


Looking to start out doing PGL and HCS online events. If things go the right way would love to attend LAN events!


I've been playing halo since Halo 1 release. I have been to a few local events around me (halo 3) but nothing major yet.


Your level of skill doesn't matter. Knowing the maps call outs and setups are a plus. This is a great way for players to get their name out there. Prefer mature, dedication to try to improve as a player and teammate. Must be able to practice on a consistent basis.


Must be able to receive advice from each other like adults. (Constructive criticism)


Contact me on Twitter @iearthquakezz

Message me on XBL: iEarthquakezz


Looking forward to hearing from everyone. :)

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I have a Team of 3 looking for 1 person, we're all Florida locals. We're mostly looking at online and local tourneys for now until we gel or what have you but we're all laid back people that want to work together and work on improving, we have no event experience, but we're willing to play hard to get better.


Message Bias Logic if you're interested on XBL (I don't check here that often)

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Hey, nice post. I am looking for the same goals and mindset. I have placed top 40 teams since 2007, Thats not amazing, but I am a dedicated player with great team communication. Team shooting a plus as well. Can add me anytime. GT Legends9001

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