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Beating Atheon in 1 Teleport (A Guide)

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Quick little write up for the people who are still strugging with Atheon. This video is a little outdated, because we've now beaten him on Normal and Hard in 1 teleport using this same strategy.


First, here's the video:





Things to Note: (Tips and Tricks)

  • You WILL need a (Defender) Titan with "Weapons of Light" on his bubble. Also, the upgrade that increases efficiency of effect of bubble.
  • The IDEAL setup for each person is "Vision of Confluence" (Primary), "Icebreaker" (Secondary), and "Corrective Measure" (Heavy.)
  • All weapons must be maxed with at least 2 level 30's on Normal and all 6 level 30's on Hard.
  • When you're on the Gatekeeper stage before Atheon, practice running in and out of the portal before you kill the gatekeepers so that everyone knows exactly how to get to the middle when they come out. Timing is key here.
  • Oracles spawn in the center, then left-right-left-right, etc.
  • Each Oracle has a timer, kill them in the order they spawn -- two people should always be shooting at the SAME oracle.
  • "Time's Vengeance" starts as soon as the last oracle is killed.
  • Venus = Green = Right (I use "right side" / "right portal")
  • Mars = Red = Left (I use "left side" / "left portal")
  • Everything in this tutorial was crafted to perfectly cirvumvent the GLITCHES of Atheon. So this works regardless.

Step 1:

  • Have all 6 people go right as soon as you spawn and stand on the sync plate. We do this because of the high frequency of Venus teleports on the Hard raid. While the 3 people who are still inside are shooting out of their detain bubble, they're getting the portal up at the same time.

Step 2:

  • If the teleport is to Venus, send 1 person from inside through the portal to help kill the Pretorian and the rest of the oracles.
  • If the teleport is to Mars, by the time you get there and get it opened, they should be almost done with good timing.
  • The "teleported team" will call out when they're on their last oracle and the titan will jump to the BACK CENTER of the middle platform and throw his Weapons of Light bubble. If he's teleported, this still will have to wait.
  • When timed correctly, everyone will jump into the center at the same time.

Step 3:

  • If you have icebreaker, then you'll get your weapons of light, then go into the relic shield and shoot all 7 of your shots then switch to your heavy and shoot all of its ammo out then switch to your primary and shoot all its ammo out. Then go back to your icebreaker if you have any time left.
  • If you don't have the icebreaker, then you're going to get your Weapons of Light and keep your reloads to a minimum. Shoot all your heavy out, then all your special, then all your regular/normal.
  • **Remember that throwing grenades and using your super does far less damage than shooting your ammo out.


  • If you do not kill Atheon on first teleport (you most likely won't succeed your first try) then make sure you shoot until 0:00 AND NOBODY JUMPS OUT.
  • The titan will walk forward and throw another shield at 0:00 that covers everyone and you all huddle in the middle. Whoever gets teleported gets teleported. Then repeat the process.
  • This allows for five full more seconds of damage and not everyone is worried about watching the clock to know when to jump out. Just know that you're shooting and at some point you won't be able to shoot out of your bubble anymore.

Happy raiding everyone! I'll have a write up for the new raid (Crota's End) coming this weekend.

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Nice post! Make sure to get this to the subreddit, they love guides.

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