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Is there any interest in Halo 3 Tournaments still?


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  1. 1. Interested in H3 MCC Tournaments?

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Ttitle says it all..Some people are having problems with H2A and lag spikes and make it unplayable. Others just enjoy it more.  has the maps and gametypes ready to go if there are enough people interested.

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I've played an unhealthy amount of H3 in my lifetime (it was my first Halo online), but playing it after playing Reach, H4, and now the MCC with H2/H2A I cannot stand the BR in that game.  It feels so...weak.  Even the way it sounds, sounds like it's dying. If they just made the BR not suck ass, I would still love it.


Don't get me wrong, I'd watch, but I can't play H3 competitively anymore.   

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Only if you start a league around it.

Maybe something along the lines of Advanced Gaming Locator or AGL for short. That's a catchy name.

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I swore I saw this topic posted earlier and I swore i commented on it earlier. 


Ya you did, didn't get to read it though :(

Beyond removed post for no good reason..

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