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ASTRO Spartans: Winter Singles H2A Tournament Registration Thread

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Today we are officially announcing the ASTRO Spartans: Winter Singles H2A 1v1 tournament!

Compete against the best Halo 2 players to earn some sweet prizes

including an ASTRO Gaming Special Edition Halo A50 Headset!


*There will NOT be a Player Check-in thread for this tournament. If you sign up, you secure a spot in the bracket.*



You must be available from 3:00 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST on Saturday, December 20th to play your matches.



Register on the Beyond Entertainment forums here.

Post your gamertag that you will be using in this thread.



  • 1st: Halo Edition ASTRO A50 Headset


HCS Settings (Add "TeamBeyond net" or "Official HCS" for gametypes.)


All maps and settings cannot be edited except the score to win must be set to 15.




All Rounds - Best of 3

  • Game 1:   Warlord
  • Game 2:   Lockdown
  • Game 3:   Shrine

Once a match is completed, at least one player must report the results showing that they were the winner, or loser of the match.



Single Elimination

256 player limit 

Online tournament



This tournament is open to the US & Canada.

Be sure you will be available on December 20th to play your matches

You must have a Beyond Entertainment Forum account


There will NOT be a Player Check-in thread for this tournament. If you sign up, you secure a spot in the bracket.



We will be using the Halo GameBattles dispute policies so please refer to this link for more information on disputes and cheating. Please note that all disputes will be handled by Beyond Entertainment staff and the results of those decisions will be final.  If you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned from the website and forum until the end of time.


Please note that for this tournament, any spam or disrespectful posts or messages towards staff may result in a disqualification. Our staff has been very polite and patient with anyone with tournament issues, but hopefully this new rule will encourage better behavior and cooperation in the future.


Please only post if competing or have a question.

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can i still take part in this if i am not apart of a team & how does maps & settings work, i am asking as this is the first time i am trying something like this.

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