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Halo Sports Player Comparisons

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I've talked about this with people on xbl and figured it might make a decent and fun debate topic. Who would you compare your favorite halo player to and why?


For example some one like naded. Id say he's like a in prime Vince carter, meaning he can do all the moves and is flashy but just doesnt have that playoff/tournament win under his belt. Id even go as far as saying Naded is like Dirk Nowitzski before he finally won a title.


Another comparison I have is comparing Ogre 2 to derek jeter. Though jeter was not the best player on some of his teams he's been there and done just about everything you can acomplish in the game of baseball and is respected by all.


Im curious to see other ones people come up with and excuse my grammar I wrote this on a phone.

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Ogre 2 isn't Derek Jeter, because Ogre 2 was the best player in the game at one point and held that position for a good period of time. Derek Jeter has never been the best player in baseball.

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Halo 2 Ghandi = Richard Sherman?


Also Who would pistola be?


Either that or Reggie Miller, both were trash-talking sharp-shooters always battling against heavily favored opponents(Celtics=FB)  :gandhi:

I would say Tsquared would better fit Richard Sherman's personality in how intense he is when he plays.


Naded is like Dan Marino, the best to ever play and not win a championship(thus far). 

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Snipedown - Randy Johnson

Overpowering slaying style, and just intimidating in general.


Walshy - Greg Maddux

Cerebral play over pure power.


Pistola - early Ichiro


Fast. Why and how so fast?


Heinz - Craig Biggio

Always a contender, always under appreciated.


Ogre 2 - Curt Schilling (sans Curt Schilling's Twitter)


Doesn't matter at what point you look at his career, the man is a competitor and always finds a way to win and win consistently. Ice veins in the playoffs, too.


Flamesword - Tim Lincecum


He was good at one point, but he kind of rides his past laurels nowadays.


Zyos - Bo Jackson


Hey, this guy is really good, he should have a really long and successful career...hey, where'd he go?


Ninja - Brian Wilson


Actually a decent player with flashes of immense talent, but is known more for his antics than his play.


Snakebite - Mike Trout


Young player that actually lives up to his potential.


Gandhi - John Kruk

Was a power hitter in his day, but now spends most of his time giving his unabashed opinion on TV.

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Zyos - Bo Jackson


Hey, this guy is really good, he should have a really long and successful career...hey, where'd he go?

I'd also have Formal as Bo Jackson(of console games), going with "dominant in everything they picked up.".

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