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MoNoXiDe & DooRs to2 for St. Louis

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Looking for two dedicated, solid, talkative teammates that are going to go to St. Louis with a well practiced and confident team. 


Really looking for a dominant slayer, someone who controls power weapons and is smart with them.


DooRs and I have teamed together at past events, and both have plenty of event experience from H2 and H3 days. 


Events are up for grabs, a prepared team could take any event, and we want to be that team. 



We play every night starting at 6 est. Hit me up to run games. F/A's or To2, preferably with event experience 


Gt: "MoNoXiDe Died" 


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Hey Guys,


Player here from Greenwood, Indiana looking to go to St. Louis as well. 


My name is Ethan and I'm 23 years old.  I have been to past events for H3 (Columbus and Dalls).


I am a slayer type player and I am very good with the sniper and i won't donate the rockets to the other team!


My gamertag is AX10S.  That is a one and a zero.


I can pay my own way as I am an electrical engineer.  I have already requested that Friday off and I get the Thursday off from work for New Years. 


I won't be available EVERY night at 6:00 pm however 3 nights a week I should be able to play around 8-10 ish.  I hope this isn't too late.  I won't disappoint.  I can also play weekends in the afternoon/evening. 


If you guys want to try me out hit me up.


I have another teammate that I believe would be a good fit as well.  We can hash that out after we speak.


Look forward to hearing from ya!

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