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I have a team in the low onyx range looking for a team to scrim tonight. 


DM me if interested. 

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Looking for full teams to participate in a tournament over the next few weeks. DM me for details

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Gt: MaNemUmar

scrims/hcs summer preview 

region: NA 


( I run games consistently with two other guys; l Hate Aside l, Controcity )

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Hey everyone,


My team, is looking to set up scrims in the upcoming weeks/months. Here are the times that we may be able to play, anything outside of these times will surely not be feasible. I am putting a star next to times/days that are best for us.


Monday - Thursday: 8/9-11pm EST

*Friday: 8/9-12/1am EST

*Saturday: 12pm-1am EST

*Sunday: 12pm-11pm EST


Please reach out to me ONLY via email at [email protected]

I create this post on multiple websites do not hope that I will read your post reply, use the email please!




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Looking for 4v4 scrims before upcoming Denver dreamhack. Reply back or message on xbox live. Trying to set up games in the evening 7-12 central

GT: nweezy

Region: NA

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