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Need scrims in HCS to prepare for Daytona. Add and message me on xbl GT: H2 MaG1K.

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Hey everyone, me and my To4 are looking for HCS scrims. If interested add my GT and send a message indicating that you have a To4 and want scrims.


Gamertag: HighLghT TRICKS

Region: North America

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Hopping Lizards is looking for teams to scrimmage. Please send me a message and add me if interested.


Gamertag: Walrus Boots


Region: United States

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hey we have 4 and we are looking for scrims.. my gamer tag is: alex refresh      

we usually get on 6 est. send me a message, and add me.

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Need a team. Tons of event Exp. I want to scrim a lot. Add me for scrims regardless because ill have a team sometime soon.


Allstar FA

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Any teams looking to scrim, we have our team on and looking....


Shoot ShegotheD a message on Live or here.


, Hey My team can scrim Tommorrow against yours, If your team is available

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Gamertag: xJoystic

Looking For Scrims: To4 only

I will record all stats from each game for both teams.


US only 

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