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To3 looking for one

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We're looking for one that lives in the Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland); we are also looking to go to local LAN events (NJHalo) together and other events.


Must have great communication, great call outs, team oriented, and great sportsmanship

Must have LAN experience and willing to travel.


Add: Giambro Baggins (NJ) | GohanTheSaiyan (PA) | Rednalsfury (PA) |


or contact us on Twitter:





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FA in NJ. I am down to run games if you guys are still looking for a 4th. Ive LAN'D locally with alot of known guys in our area. Last event experience was Meadowlands 09 placed top 48 -_-. My GT is ''PrimeTxme'' .

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Is being available every sunday a requirement? Every other sunday Im not home, so I can't play in that day's online cup. But I am looking to attend LAN events

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Heya, would love to run some games with you all. GT is Unfluffy Panda, most recent success in halo was getting top 32 at the Halo Global Championship Qualifier that was at RTX 2013, it was tough competition with T2, Snipedown, Strongside, and some other known players. Was told I played like a pro by Goldenboy on camera which felt nice, never was able to get a team going serious back in the day. So yea, hit me up!

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