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Hello everyone,


I go by GTR in the competitive scene in Halo. I'm sure I've played against a few people in this forums on H3, H4 and MCC. Reason I go by that name is because I am infatuated by Nissan GT-R's. I do get asked a lot if I own one and I don't own one. I joke around saying I do and it's a hot wheels car. :) 


I'm looking to help halo grow as a whole and i'm willing to do whatever it takes. I hope I am welcomed with open arms to this community. I'm currently on a team (that's not set in stone yet) and I'm looking for other teams to scrim with in H2A. If you want to get ahold of me, my twitter is @HaloGTR and my Gamertag is White GTR R35. 


Thank you for reading this and I hope to have fun you guys. 

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Hey man, welcome to the forums. I also am infatuated by inanimate objects that are very expensive, I play Halo, AND I don't own the specific inanimate object my name refers to (but one day I will). We have a lot in common lol. 


Feel free to add me if you ever wanna play. GT's in my signature. Again, welcome. 

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