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Rogue RJL

F/A RiZogUe, check out my post

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Hey my names Rob, Gamertag is Rizogue. Im 23 years old and chill as can be. little bit of social anxiety and thats all im gonna say about that. i used to comepete online for h3 and attended mlg toronto in 08. top 72 with a team of locals, not that that means shit as this post is for HCS. I'm from alberta, canada. Thats mountain time. i have a very flexible schedule. I work casual at a hospital so i get to pick my own shifts.i pull in 2700 a month and only work 10 shifts a week. so going to events will be feasable.

I really enjoy playing this game and love to win and improve but without my last team I haven't been able to play any HCS settings yet. pretty much just been doing mm and 1v1s on pgl.

I would like to attend at least one event for this season. with the right team hopefully more.

IF you would like to run games and give me a chance please add me online. 

IF you are a free agent and in the SAME BOAT as me and want to try and form a team to compete reply to this thread with your bio. 

thanks for your time.

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