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To3 Looking for one. Check it out!

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Hey guys my teammates and I are looking for a fourth for our team.  We are very serious about competing and plan on doing events once we have a solid foundation to work with.  We will be doing PGL and HCS online until we feel comfortable going to events.  We are looking for someone with LAN and event experience and someone who is willing to grind and work for pro status.  We are looking for a person who has a great mindset (no complaining, great communication, and an overall good player).  We know we have what it takes to succeed and will strive to achieve it we are just missing our final piece.  We are located on the East Coast (I'm in NJ and my teamates are in PA).  Serious inquiries only please and don't hesitate to hit me up to run games.  I'll be on pretty much all day and the whole team will be on tonight around 8pm (hopefully patch is out) and we will see you on.  GT= xihustler Thanks.

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Ive played Halo for quite some time now Ive played other FPS like Cod and have gone to locals and have won money. I have that drive, i am a great team player and I communicate very well. If your down to run Hmu on Twitter @FURI8TE, or Xbox GT: FURI8TE.... i use skype but could go out and by an adapter if u guys need to. :weback:

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