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Best Looking Halo Sniper

Best Looking Sniper  

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  1. 1. What Sniper from any Halo game LOOKS the best?

    • Halo CE's
    • Halo 2's
    • Halo 3/Odst's
    • Halo Reach's
    • Halo CE Anniversary's
    • Halo 4's
    • Halo 2 Anniversary Campaign's
    • Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer's
    • Halo 5's

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Either the Reach/CEA/H2A campaign models get my vote.


Yep, they're all similar enough, and they all look pretty mean/don't take up too much screen realestate.

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Reach's sniper was amazing looking, too bad I associate it with sluggish aiming mechanics because of Reach's aim accerelation.

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My bad on neg stupid mobile brah

Haha I saw you quoted me and then negged so I was like wtf and negged you back, then saw your message right underneath and pos repped lol.

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I personally hated Reach, H:CEA, and H4's snipers. Reach's just looks too busy (texture/surface-wise) and not as smooth as the H1 or H2 snipers (even H3 to a degree).


I prefer the look of H3's with the placement of H1's. Do that and just add higher-resolution textures / higher poly count to the H3 sniper. That would be perfect.

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Id like the hcea and h2 anniversary ones bc of how little they take up the screen. Hceas sound is good but h3 or ce sound is better

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I can't decide.


All I will say is anything except Halo 4 / Halo 5's is acceptable.  That hideous Wall-E scope.

And that I prefer Halo 2's Sniper to Halo 3's.

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