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To3 Needs one.

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Hey Guys,


Our Team Needs 1 Player for Online and Hopefully Lan HCS events. For the most part we are going to try and focus on online tournaments until early 2015 when we get a better idea of where events will be and if all of us can attend. Our team consists ElemenT (Myself) Darko and Anixiel who teamed in the past and saw success with Local lans. When Halo stopped having events in Mid H4 Most of us switched over to Call of duty and dabbled in that with myself attending local lans and MLG Anaheim and now that Halo is back we are looking forward to competing in H2A and Need a solid like minded 4th. We're no strangers to Competitive halo but are a bit rusty. We're looking during the week. 


We want the following In a team mate


*Someone who is easy to get along with and can have fun inside and outside of the game

*Understands the dynamics of teamwork and isn't a selfish player

*Understand that losing is learning and winning is teaching, as that is how we view things.


Post GT's so I can add you and we can get games going.

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Add me!! I have been looking to get into this stuff for so long and I am willing to put in work:D


GT: Dr AJ15


space in there

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Gt: Will Pharaoh

For sure trying to get back into playing competitively online. If you're still looking add me and let's play some games! :D

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Gamertag: TISSCOOL (O is the letter)


Hey ElemenT.

18 Years Old From Queens, NY

I can't exactly travel to events unless they're near the NY area such as NJ or Connecticut. 


As far as my individual skill goes, I know how to play in MLG rules(Now ESports) as it was a dream of mine to compete seriously in tournaments ever since Halo: Reach was released.  I know rank doesn't necessarily define how much skill I have, but on Halo 3 I'm rank 41 on Lone Wolves. I'm more comfortable as part of a team, but my Friends were the literal definition of a "Noob", no organization, no team work, no call outs, practically in love with the AR, and just run around randomly doing their own thing, so playing in ranked Team Slayer or MLG was not an option.  On Halo: Reach I am an Inheritor and on Halo 4 I am max CR 130, 130 is the max "Rank" if I remember correctly? My strongest game types are objective, whether it'd be Multi CTF, or Neutral Bomb. I don't prefer Slayer, but I can definitely handle it. I just would define my play style as Objective orientated, whether it be defending a certain position, or running the flag to home base.   


I'd love to be part your team and I'd hope you'd still consider me as I am replying to your post a bit late. Just give me a solid chance, and I'll perform well. Hope to hear from you soon. 


-Adrian "TISSCOOL"

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GT: I Am Johng10


Halo 3 competitive experience, been playing since the H2 days. Will be on tonight, and all weekend for sure.

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