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Competitive Status?

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Onslaught was my favorite map of all time.

Although not my favorite map, Onslaught was one of the Better maps.

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i don't think h2a is gonna appeal to casuals


like at all


just saying, i'm a hardcore halo player and h2a makes me yawn 



i'll probably just do h2a online 

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I am surprised more of you aren't pushing 343 to support h2c for HCS. H2a is very sluggish and slow and watching it so far has been very yawn worthy.


I know H2a is more popular at the moment but that doesn't mean much since its a brand new game and is still pulling less viewers than Zelda on twitch.


It would be awesome to see 343 truly apologize to us by supporting the superior competitive game H2c for HCS. And adding dedis for customs.

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I'm in favor of H2A.


It has only minor gameplay issues, mainly the ones imposed by 343: way too many indicators and ugly medals. As usual, their work on graphics and sound is great, though.


My biggest worry is longevity of the game: I don't know if anyone has said this already but to me it's blatantly obvious that 343 CHOSE to only include six maps as they want gamers to get bored with it and move on to Halo 5. So, maps are the biggest problem (as calculated by 343).

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