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No longer a F/A. Now becoming a Coach!

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Hey everyone! I was a free agent looking for a team, but decided that I can no longer play like I use to since my eye sight has gotten so bad. So I am becoming a coach for any teams that need one for AGL events. 


I know spawns, weapon timing, and can come up with amazing strategies on the spot. I am care free, easy going, so don't worry about me being a know it all. I need your feedback as a player to help me get better, so I can help you get better.  


You can contact me at any of the following places.


Twitter @ Zejik


Xbox Live GT - Zejik




For some extra info on me as a player. I wen't to many Halo 2 lan's. 


I had around 23 day's in online time for Halo 2


I had over 80 days In Halo 3


Halo Reach somewhere in the 30's to 50's.


Halo 4 - Around 20


Well that's It!

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Looking to set up a team would like to have a coach and create some strategies and build a strong team to compete with

If your still looking to play or coach hit me up GT:XxGuysmileyxX

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