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Channel (Inverse Symmetrical 2-base Competitive Map) (NOW WITH VIDEOS)

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Before I talk about the map, I want to apologize about the pictures of the map. The quality won't be that good because I can't access screenshots I take on the Xbox One on my computer (343 fail). I don't know if you can actually explore the File Shares on MCC yet, but if you can, search "impended", and download the gametype, "comp 3-flag", and the map, "Channel COLORS".






Here is a simple walk/fly-through of the map for quick orientation:


Here is a 2v2 gameplay with an epic comeback from being down 10-0:


Here is a 2v2 gameplay of me playing very well on the map:


This is a 2-base, inverse symmetrical map designed to play similar to large scale, competitive maps such as Sanctuary, Beaver Creek, Narrows, and Pit. There are Rockets, Overshield, 2 Shotguns, and 2 Snipers. It is longer than it is wide (much like Narrows), but without limitation of routes. It does have a wall in the middle of the map (much like Pit), but lines of sight are not limited because of windows. Also, the wall can be traversed through, and not in a bottleneck format.


Its ideal gametype is 3-flag CTF. That is what it was designed for. However, it has been playtested with both CTF and TS, and every game, oddly enough, were close matches. The lone TS game we played resulted in a 48-48 standoff, and with the many interesting sight-lines this map has for snipers, it was a great experience.


I actually made this map in Halo: Reach, and it was my only map that had a VERY good reaction with fellow forgers. Issues it had in Reach was that the spawn locations were limited, so you were constantly spawning in awful positions. With this forge system, I could make the map a little more geometrically intricate, which allowed for better spawn locations.


I will actually post a gameplay (by a forger, a Polish Korean/aPK, from back in Reach who playtested the original map) from the Reach version of the map. When I'm able to create a video for MCC's version I will. For now, here are pictures:




















Here is the aPK gameplay on my Reach version of the map:



I'll also provide a COUPLE screenshots of the Reach version of the map (so you can see the layout more clearly).





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I might get hate for this but regardless of the grey forge look of Reach, the parts of it that aren't grey (team colours, water etc) it looks more nice and colourful. I've never been a fan of 343's artwork.

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Try dumping the lines everywhere and make the backdrop of one end dramatically different in height to provide orientation.

The backdrop thing is a great idea. I already wasn't sure about the colors everywhere, which is why I have 2 versions of the map (this one being called "Channel COLORS"). I do have a version without the colors, so I can try doing something else (like the backdrop suggestion) for orientation. 


@@Albatross I agree with you. Reach's color scheme is a lot more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, but I think it also created huge screen lag issues, which is why we have what we have now. 

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Not sure if it will effect your map but I know that cliffs make huge fps drops. So those two cliffs might drop the FPS. Seems like a good map though 

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Not sure if it will effect your map but I know that cliffs make huge fps drops. So those two cliffs might drop the FPS. Seems like a good map though 

I was super afraid of dropping frames due to my experience with this map on Reach. However, I've played several games on the map with buttery smoothness (even when looking through the central windows), and I guess that is because I used mostly 4x4 and 3x3 blocks instead of braces and wall coliseums. I was, for sure, ready for screen lag, but it wasn't a problem. The cliffs didn't hurt anything either.


But if anyone gets on the map and experiences the opposite, let me know which areas... especially if it gets as bad as Shrine's screen lag.


And thank you for the input and compliment!

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Just saw your video on YouTube, left my comment there. But like i said. Good start. Just needs some touches imo.


I saw it. Thank you. I definitely agree about the spawns, and I'll see what I can do about more natural scenery on the ground to serve as cover.

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