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GT - Mr Jamieism

Campaign - Legendary, LASO, possibly speed runs on legendary, terminals, skulls

Region: EU UK

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Anyone want to start up some ODST with me? looking to play from the beginning on Legendary. Just send me a message if you're trying to play.


Region: US East

GT: Royaltyped

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I'm looking for players to help do achievements "Annual" from H3 & "Deja Vu" from ODST on MCC.


Also, I hope to make a team to go after all 5 LASO playlists as well.


GT: SpiritHawk7


Region: US East Coast (EST)

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Anyone wants to do Two Betrayals on legendary?... Its literally the only mission I haven't done, I bought the MCC Xbox Bundle about a week ago and getting the achievement for that Helioskrill armor is my top priority, But this Mission is fucking Ruthless.

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Gamertag: Sygma Salamanda

Game: Halo 2/ Anniversary 

Region: AUS but have a good connection



I often go for speed run records but will play normally without glitching the game... I prefer playing on Easy - Heroic cuz legendary takes you to the previous checkpoint when 1 of u die and that gets quite annoying...

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Anyone willing to help me complete the rest of the campaigns on Legendary? 

I got Halo 2 (Starting at "The Arbiter") & Halo 4 (Starting at "Infinity") left.

Would really appreciate the help :)


Gamertag: DDDeathbox

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Gamertag:  CervixPoker93


Campaign:  Halo 1 & 2 on Heroic (Mater Chief Collection - Xbox One)


Region:  US MN


Hit me up! I have Fridays and Sundays off and have a mic.

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