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F/A for Online Tournys and Maybe LANs

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Im a quite individually skilled player, started playing Halo in CE and started playing competitively late H2. I've played at a few LANs late H3 but never placed very high. I'm a super chill person and like to have fun. I have great communication and am a huge team player. I have flexible hours and can play most of the time, but everyone needs time off, w/friends, school, etc. I am willing to put time and dedication into a team though If I sense something is there!

HMU on xbl if you think I could better your team or create a new.

GT: Sketchify


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Im also an individual skilled player i started playing halo since H2 came out i'm really good and always active for any battle. Contact me if you wish to create or join a team send message through xbox GT: Briannxbox360

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