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F/A Looking for a Team for HCS

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I've been playing halo since I was 6. Ive been playing comp since reach.


 I'm ready to

-Grind everyday

-Go to events

-Play in online Tournaments


Good things about me.

- Good Communication

- Can take Constructive Criticism

- Always looking for was to get better 


I want to play in the event this weekend!


I'm 19 and I live in New mexico.


Contact by


Twitter @Howl_Reaper

Skyper : wtfgriff

Xbox : XGeN LL Reaper

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I'm looking to join a team as well!, i started playing halo competitively in 2007 and have been to a couple MLG events.


- i can play everyday, basically all day

- can play in online tourneys and certain events(College OP).

- i communicate welll

- i have a good BR

-and i know how to high-five  :kappa: 

Twitter @tmgepsilon

Skype: tmgepsilon

GT: NightBan3

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Looking to get on a team as well.

GT : FitzyFresh , you can check my older gamertag was FitzyFreshhh

Will be getting MCC at midnight, feel free to add me and run some customs

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Check out Mettlegaming.com !
Mettle is a gaming community of dozens of gamers and we all feel like family. Starting in December 2013 on BF4 for XB1, Mettle became a top 10 clan in the competitive BF4 scene and has since spread into several other competitive games such as AW, LoL, Destiny and Halo: MCC. Being a part of Mettle gives you access to Slack, our messaging app which is full of Mettle members socializing on all topics. You will also gain access to our mumble server, which we use to chat with the rest of our Mettle members and/or coordinate competitive strategies and in game chat. Lastly, you will have access to our website, which is home to our event calendar, forums, store, social media, donations button and community.

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