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I received MCC early - Any Forge Gameplay you want to see?

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Or any gameplay in general you want to see?

I've only covered forge so far because I've only managed to get on for an hour, had a busy Saturday unfortunately


Two things I have already uploaded here from what I did in that hour:




If you want to see anything just let me know and I'll try and get a video out for it


Bare in mind I'm using a HDPVR2 and as far as I'm aware it can only cap 30fps


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Woooow That was the first time I saw destructible rocks got me Hyped didn't really expected that.

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I know this isn't forge related. But by any chance can you show off some of the Silenced SMG? I want to know if the gun can be zoomed in, and shot at the same time kind of like how the BR is.



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that contrast though




i love the soft lighting on skyward. thanks for doing this. that race track looks very clever as well. what block did you use for the road? 

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