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Valo/Mr John -Looking for 2 for H2C/HCS!

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Hey guys Myself and Miszter John are currently looking for 2 dedicated players for MCC. Primarily for H2C and H2A. If you plan on playing 8 plus hours a day, looking to got to tournaments, Have tournament experience, Are over the age of 18. Hit me up.



Best Placing Halo 2:


EGL Chicago 07 (JROCK Has STD's): Valo, Vaskan, Jrock, Jbuck. 9th/12th TEAM, 15th FFA.




Facebook: www.facebook.com/VAValoGaming

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Where you located at? Not that it matters, but I'd be down to run games with you and if you're close that would be even better to get lans going. I'm in Tampa.

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Age isnt a huge deal. I just prefer teammates that are able to play during the day and dont have school and have money to go to events as well as not having squeaky high voices. Plus hitting the bar after a tournament win is always a good time. 


add me falkononskiis. 




I live in: Madison, WI

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Hey, I'm interested in running some games.  I've attended a few events (about 5 or 6).  I have tournament experience and the right mindset and attitude.  I'm a former Shadowrun pro but I've always felt like Halo was my game.  Add me on xbl gt= xihustler and if you play xbc for h2 add me hustler566.  I have astros, a benq monitor, and a capture card. Also, I'm 23 and already have my XB1 and MCC preordered (going to midnight release).  Hit me up.  I look forward to hearing back.  Thanks for your time.

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Im definitely going to be going hard and plan on going to UGC and the iron gaming tourney too so hit me up. GT LChrispy

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