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Hey guys, looking for a very specific teammate/team to play with. I play every weekday from 11am-5pm EST. Very solid consistent player looking to find a group to run matchmaking for now and if we click get toward HCS. I am going to HCS INDY so looking for people to play in it with.


GT: Crazymiller HCS

Looking for HCS/ Matchmaking Team

Region: US/Michigan


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Gamertag: dp Apollo qb

Customs/MM: Both

Region: Eastern


Just a caveat: I'm a new dad so my time is limited but i try to play 3 nights a week or so

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Gamertag: JmS Spikemouth
Customs/MM: Both
Region: Northeast US


Attempting to get to 50 HCS solo is close to impossible so could definitely use some people to run with.

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Gamertag: JR2 Evades

Customs/MM: Both. HCS Customs and Scrims.

Region: United States, East Coast, New England.

Youtube: JR2 FPS GOD

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Looking to play the hell out of HCS matchmaking. Trying to rank up.


I'm a 


Halo 2: 37

Halo 3: Multiple 50s, with 1000 experience MLG

Multiple MLG events


Just looking to grind. I'll always call out even if we're losing a bunch.


GT: Kyphitz

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