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Halo 2: Anniversary Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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  • Gamertag: ILL F4TED

Customs/MM: Yes to both. Preferably H2A HCS stuff but I'm down for anything Halo, to be honest.

Region: US/TX

Used to play religiously back in Halo 3. Kinda fell off after Halo 3/Beginning of Reach because of the Sprint and Bloom stuff. (I advocated Sprint in competitive settings for a change of pace back in the day. Boy was I stupid.) 


I'd love to get back into the swing of things and meet new people as my friends list is rather empty these days. Look forward to playing with members of BE!


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Gamerheadz in the Southdale Mall, Edina, MN hosts H2A 2v2 Tournaments Monthly. Check them out on Facebook https://www.facebook...7384688?fref=ts to find out the latest information on the next tournament. The next one is will either be on Saturday May 2nd, or Saturday May 9th.


Contact my XBL GT: The Mackeyyyy  


I am the one setting up all the tournament stuff. Gamerheadz is just letting us use their store to host a tournament. 


The next tournament will have eight 21inch 1080p 60fps gaming monitors with 8 xbox ones. 


Double elimination, best of 5 series. Championship will be two best of 5s.(only if losers bracket team wins the 1st series)  

Maps will be





HCS Eden

HCS Epicbourogh


Registrations are free with IN STORE PRIZES!

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Gamertag: The Frenetic

Customs/MM: Both (H2C, H2:A, H1)

Region: East Coast, Beast Coast!


If you add me, please send me a message so I can add you back!

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Add for HCS customs and playlist!  Twistedpp

East Coast (Ohio)


I'm going through and adding a few of you on the recent pages.

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Looking to get on the HCS grind this upcoming weekend on XB1


Add: ItsKangarooJack


I'll probably run through a couple pages and add you guys as well. Shoot me a message so I know to add you back

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Gamertag: Nokturnal won


Looking to play a lot of customs. But also down for MM :D


From Michigan.


Add me and message me and let's play!

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Gamertag: Detoxifyyy

Customs/MM: Prefer HCS playlist right now 

Reigon: NY 


Message me and I will add you back.

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Gamertag: Diehxrds

Customs/MM: Matchmaking, mainly looking for people to run games with daily and dominate, sick of playing solo and losing because of bad players! :)

Region: Ireland

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