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Halo 2: Anniversary Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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Gamertag: Jawshe

Region: Northeast NA


Trying to get an H2:A team going to scrim and pay HCS MM/customs. 50 in H3 MLG, lots of LAN exp. Add me and send a MESSAGE just stating youre adding me and I will add back. 

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GT: Tom 2the Brady


Trying to find more people to play competitve customs with and potentially find a team for G4G

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Looking to play Halo 2 Anniversary customs and matchmaking with forum members?


Post your

  • Gamertag:AmpixFY
  • Customs/MM:customs
  • Region:US


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Will be hosting COMPETITIVE H2A customs February 5th, 6th, and 7th.  Will be starting around noon mountain time on the 5th and rolling straight through until midnight on the 7th (we will continue to play into the 8th as long as we still have customs).  Anyone who is interested please message or FR knight27.  The format will be as such:  will run FFA's/2v2s/flag warm-up when there is down time or we are waiting for a full roster of 8 players (I generally run snipe secondary FFA's to make them more interesting).  As far as the customs: we will run all HCS gametypes BUT.....to keep things fresh and interesting, we will play other maps besides just Shrine, Warlord, and Lockdown.  I am tired of playing competitive settings on just three maps, and there are a lot of good forged maps out there....feel free to contribute any good forged maps to play.  The emphasis on this marathon of customs is to get competitive games, across MULTIPLE maps, not just the 3 standard maps that have been played a million times.  Anyone is welcome, but again, we are looking to have COMPETITVE customs (we will mix up teams as needed to keep things competitive).

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GT: Numzi


Looking for Customs! (4v4)


Region: NE/East Coast.


Online right now! Add me and let me know it's for customs. I'll add back.

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Looking for a team of 4 to run HCS Customs with. 


Message l Codo l (those are lowercase L's) or send me a message here to set up a time and I'll talk to some friends/teammates. 

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