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Running until servers are fixed

Add me in game I will invite to game when openings are available

Good practice for Talented players


Gt- iO Hein

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I want to throw this out there and see if anyone is up for a challenge.


Halo 4 and a lot of time away from gaming has turned me into a major BK. I used to be pretty good at h2 and h3, but i have lost all of it for some reason.


I am looking for someone to help me get back to prime time shape, if you will, and get me back to where I know my potential can take me. I am very active and on this game often, with the proper training and assistance I could become a good asset for any team and would love the opportunity to learn.


I am very good at criticism, hence i am asking for it. and I am up for anything (film sessions, 1v1s, 4v4s, MM, octagon for hours).


my GT is Jeremiah004

my KIK is Jer4Bear

or PM me on here. I would turly be grateful and looking forward to any help I can get.

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