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Halo 2: Anniversary Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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Hey everyone! I want as many people to add me for customs as possible! The friends list cap is 1k so no matter who you are give me an add, thanks.


GT: Detenn

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Gamertag - vShadyyy

Customs or MM.

Buffalo, NY. Really looking for players within 4-5 hours who want to attend events.

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GT - Ko8eNades




Can't remember if I posted in here or not already. Too lazy to check. But add me if you want to play customs. I'll be on several hours a day and with MM sucking the dick, I'll be down to play customs.

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Gt: YouTube AdBlock (xbox one)

MM: Anniversary

Region: US east coast


Brand new halo 2 player. MP was offline before I got an xbox. I'd love another novice to practice with

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Starting an H2A custom 8's lobby trying to play all day.  I have a 90dl/90ul connection and live in MI.  GT= Xoppers  Send me a message and I will invite you.  Bring your friends :)

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