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Halo 2: Anniversary Customs & Matchmaking Finder

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Going to be starting some customs up to run for the next few hours,


Add: Eiamint to play or send a message. 

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We are a professional Gears of War 3 team looking to make the switch to halo. Since we are new to the community, we don't know anybody and that makes it hard for us to find scrims. Feel free to add and message me at any time for a scrim!


Gamertag: CaRiLLs

Customs/MM : Customs ONLY

Region: United States



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I intend on playing all day tonight.  Add me!  I have a mic, I call out, and I do my best not to be a dick hahaha

GT: Prim3TiimE


Region: Midwest

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  • Gamertag: White GTR R35

Customs/MM: Customs

Region: West Coast (Las Vegas)

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