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GT: Jawshe

Loc: Toronto, ON (Near New York)


Looking to learn CE. Was a 42 in H2 hardcore and had multiple 50's in H3. 


Add me and send me a message so I can add you back.

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R05i3 (with a zero). Will run customs or MM. Would like to get some competitive 4v4 going soon.

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Not sure if it will even let me play with other people right now but CE customs are the only thing besides Halo 4 its letting me play right now while I download MCC. Looking for some CE customs. I am really bad at CE btw.




Ontario, Canada

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Gamertag: stunt man GMYF

Customs/MM: customs

Region: Montreal, QC (near NY)


I think I already posted in here but wtv.


I'm looking for mid-level CE players for custom 8-12 player CTF, add me & MSG me

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