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not my main Halo game but it's so fu*kin refresching to play time to time




Toronto/GTA (Canada) - Eastern

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Gamertag: LocoPollo

Customs/MM: Both

Region: Midwest US (Minnesota)


I won't play anything but CE and I don't want to play on far away hosts, so Midwest only please. 


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Gt: l Spriggan l (they are both lower case L's) 

Customs: Halo 2A only same with MM 

Region: Texas 


Will only play H2A looking to take this game serious I have no team looking for serious team or 1v1 partner someone to play with alot hoping to go into 2v2 MM playlist when that is available. 

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Halo CE Forever


Xbox1GT: TheReeferZombie


Customs or MM





I'm almost always on after 9pm EST and through out the day i'll hop on and off while taking care of my son.

Mic is broken at the minute but I'll get a new one soon. Thanks.

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