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I'm not particularly fond of Hasuku's thread being locked and for this thread to be the official thread. I think it's best to let community members take care of the lists/organization since they are going to be more likely to update these threads. I mean, he already had plenty of replies, and made a GT for the thread.



Anyone at beyond, can we get a bit of insight on what we can expect in this thread? Can we at least get someone to take care of the OP and edit a list? It seems incredibly odd to lock almost all these types of threads, leave a couple open, but then re-make them with less effort than the original thread.



edit: since this will indeed be the official thread.. and IF anybody does happen to see this..


GT: Teapot Yo

2v2's, 4v4s, 8man FFAs

Timezone: EST


but more importantly everyone should go follow "I Play Halo CE" on xbox one.

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GT: Beyond Sam

Customs + MM: Both

Region: UK, all UK/EU peeps feel free to add me.

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Gamertag: Dr Difference

Customs/MM: 2v2s

Region: EU (Norway).


Able to play all EU and US hosts including (Utah and most of West Coast) – I'm know how to play.

Used to play a lot on XBC, my old tag was Calif0rnian. Add me as I have an Xbox One now.

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GT: beamimpact

Customs + MM: Both

Region: Central Europe, but i also play a lot with US and other players, so feel free to add me :)


i played tons of HPC and participated in cups like clanbase, id say im not the worst addition to any CE party ;)

happily looking forward to some games guys, always up for a public, scrim or 1v1!

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